Organics Biomass has been established

Although there remains much to do, the palm oil industry is in the process of evolution towards sustainability. Palm oil is one of the most important ingredients in multiple products sold in western societies and, for this reason, it is a much sought after ingredient in everything from ice-cream to lip stick and other beauty products. It’s use simply cannot be removed from the life-style that most of us demand. The emphasis therefore must be on

However, the environmental cost of a burgeoning market has been, until recently, too high. There is now sustained pressure from activist groups and, consumers and, as a direct consequence, investors and financiers who envisage markets being severely eroded unless sustainability in development becomes a pillar of future investment strategies.

Organics Biomass has been established to Palm Kernel Shells (or PKS) are the shell fractions left after the nut has been removed in the palm oil mill. Its high calorific values (on the average 4000 Kcal/kg) and low content of ash and sulphur recently have made it an attractive renewable energy fuel.

Palm Kernel Shell can be burn as an independent eco fuel or, as a natural, high quality pellet, burn in cogeneration kettle as an addition to coal (in this form it significantly reduces the CO2 emission).

PKS can also be used as an addition to other biomass fuels.

The material offered by us originates from plantations in Malaysia and Indonesia. The oil palms bear fruit year-long, and production capacity of oil producers is so high, that it guarantees permanent access to the offered product and assures, that high quantity deliveries are imported to Poland regularly on a monthly basis by ships.