Organics Biomass is actively involved in the process of palm oil production, concentrating on the recycling of products from the process and protection of the environment from pollution.

Organics Biomass has been established to promote the use of biomass for energy production that is generated by the manufacture of palm oil. The aim is meet several of the criteria related to the establishment of what is known as the circular economy:

• The control of pollution and treatment of wastewater,
• Harnessing the methane that is captured from the Palm Oil Mill Effluent (POME) to generate heat and energy,
• The use of Palm Kernel Shells (PKS) that are collected and dried after the palm oil has been extracted and promoting its use as biomass to be used as an alternative fuel in energy production.

In this way, the carbon footprint of the entire palm oil operation can be reduced, effluent is treated and converted to a valuable resource and the biomass can be used as a fuel that displaces the use of conventional fossil fuels; all of which contributes significantly towards controlling the emissions of CO2 to the atmosphere and helps to achieve the ultimate aim of a sustainable industry that is seen to be beneficial rather than detrimental to the environment.

A sustainable industry is one that satisfies the demands of present-day production without impinging on those of the future. This is achieved by recycling, regeneration and protection of the environment and a respect for biodiversity and human rights.

Biomass is a Renewable Source of Energy

It is now widely accepted that biomass is one of the most widely available and renewable sources for producing energy. Biomass is an integral part of our planet and, with careful and consciencious management cannot be depleted. As long as there is biomass of our blue/green globe, biomass will be available as renewable energy source.


Working together with biomass producers in the palm oil and other industries, Organics  is engaging actively to search for viable, renewable sources of energy that fulfil the philosophy of the circular economy.


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